Maternity photography in Munich

Maternity photography in Munich

Spring is here! You can see life in the nature which inspired me to write this blog post about maternity photography or Babybauchfotografie as they say here in Germany.

Pregnancy time is very special time for mom. The body is changing, belly is getting bigger, your baby’s movements and kicks. You are bonding with the baby nine months before even meeting this little miracle. Some moms are glowing during this nine months and some are having their worse time of their life due to the morning sickness.

This time will never come back as every pregnancy is different. And that is why I think it is very important to record your beautiful belly and your glow. It is also good for child to see where she/he was before entering this world. Did you have maternity photography session when you were pregnant? I did for both of my pregnancies and my kids love to see the photos how I looked when they were in my belly. It is very important for them and for me as well.

She wanted to have maternity and newborn session. Here you can see how she is glowing. And the dad as well 🙂 You can see how happiness comes through the photos? Can you feel it? I do!


Are you a new mom to be? Or are you thinking of booking a session with me? See here what my clients think about my work.

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Maternity photography Munich
Pregnancy photography
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